Solar Panel Design and Permitting Support

Following the final closure of two inactive landfills and a Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU), Geosyntec contracted with the client to provide preliminary engineering support for design of an approximately 19MW solar installation above the final landfill covers. More than 60 acres of final cover were available for solar panel installation in an area that formerly had limited development potential. Final covers consisted of geosynthetic liner and drainage materials along with an overlying thin soil cover on which to construct solar panel footings and infrastructure.

In support of solar panel layout design and permitting, Geosyntec provided:

  • as-built preparation: collaborated with the solar system designer on preliminary layout of the system;
  • solar panel and cover compatibility analysis: evaluated the preliminary design of the panels, racks, and ballasted footings and compared the effects of the footing design loads to the final cover design criteria;
  • constructability review: identified final cover compatibility issues which may arise during construction; and
  • regulatory support: provided a letter summarizing the review of the proposed solar panel foundations and layout, which was submitted to the state regulator along with the solar development package.

Geosyntec’s review of the panel layout plan and preliminary footing design assisted in the permitting and development of the formerly limited-use space.